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Our Approach

Change Elemental partners across sectors to disrupt and transform systems of inequity and create powerful vehicles for justice.

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Advancing Deep Equity

Deep equity requires ongoing attention to hearts, minds, behaviors, structures, and systems—it is not a destination

We center deep equity in all of our work, and hold it as a set of continuous practices necessary for people and the planet to experience love, dignity, and justice. These practices include recognizing the impact of our identities on our individual and collective experiences, addressing healing, as well as acting to transform institutions and systems. It is not a destination.

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Cultivating Leaderful Ecosystems

Leaderful ecosystems create a powerful people path forward for advancing justice

We grow leadership across multiple levels, with the understanding that leadership is the capacity to align values and actions across groups of people or communities so that organizations and networks can more fluidly and effectively respond to, and influence, shifting conditions over time.

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Valuing Multiple Ways of Knowing

Transformative change requires embracing the many ways we make meaning of the world

We work with our partners to engage multiple perspectives by drawing on cultural, ancestral, artistic, rational, and other forms of wisdom in order to define both problems and solutions, enabling us to craft the expansive, generative, and transformational approaches needed to advance equitable and systemic change.

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Influencing Complex Systems of Change

Systems change is the process of cultivating healthy roots, and nourishing growth conditions for a equitable world

We support changemakers in understanding and influencing the complex systems within which we all work. By catalyzing new ways of thinking and being together, we help changemakers get to the heart of—and ultimately transform—the multifaceted and interdependent problems they want to solve while holding equity at the center.

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Creating the Space for Inner Work

Meaningful change is dependent on our ability to embody the transformation we wish to see

We take the time with each other, and with our clients and partners, to focus on what is in our hearts and to attend to our bodies as well as our minds, because it is critical for being in healthy and sustainable relationship with each other, enabling us to free new power and possibilities for a world of love, dignity, and justice.

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