Natalie Bamdad and Elissa Sloan Perry facilitating, both seated in front of graphic recordings, speaking into microphones

We craft creative, nimble, and authentic strategies to impact today’s most complex problems and advance a vision of love, dignity, and justice for all.

In partnership with Change Elemental, changemakers develop powerful strategic frameworks to become more adaptive and collaborative in today’s interdependent, ever-shifting world. We work with organizations and network partners to identify clear strategic directions, alongside methods of adaptation and learning, that allow them to navigate complexity and continuous change. Central to these processes is developing agreement on your group’s values and purpose, and aligning structures and processes with this purpose and the strategic guideposts.

Our approach includes processes that surface root causes, examine whole systems, clarify contributions to broader movements, surface the capacities needed to build power, integrate an understanding of how equity informs and contributes to the pursuit of your mission, and engage multiple perspectives and ways of making meaning of the world. By creating space to experiment, learn, and incorporate feedback into strategy as it is implemented, we help build a culture of strategic thinking and adaptation that is grounded in clear purpose, values, and major directions for action.


  • Facilitate strategy development, planning, and adaptation for organizations, foundations, and networks, including clarifying theory of change and strategic priorities
  • Support strategic thinking and action for intersectional efforts
  • Surface and work intentionally with the ways in which equity informs strategy and ongoing strategic thinking
  • Develop agreement amongst board, staff, network members, and/or funders around shared values and purpose
  • Align structures, processes, and practices with organizational values
  • Restructure organizations including rethinking positions, roles, and responsibilities
  • Engage, coach, and assist leadership across a broad spectrum of competencies and roles as they design and implement ongoing strategy
  • Create and cultivate processes, structures, mindsets, and culture to adapt your strategy over time

“Working with Change Elemental has allowed us to look deeply at the impact we make in the world and they’ve helped us better match our values, purpose, and energy to the impact we want and must have in order to build transformational technology and organizing practices rooted in equity. I continue to feel delighted and excited about our work with them and believe that this is only the beginning of our partnership.”

Mariana Ruiz Firmat, Kairos Fellowship
Photo of Mariana Ruiz Kairos in three quarter profile, hair short and wavy, wearing a leather jacket, arms crossed