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Susan Misra, Ana Polanco

In a recent article published in the Nonprofit Quarterly, we explored the question: how can coaching support individuals and groups to be nimble in complex times?

Organizations, networks, and individuals are using coaching in different ways to foster flexibility and agility in these unpredictable and contentious times. As coaches, we have noticed a trend: when coaching broadens to a critical mass within a group, it can help build the group’s capacity to navigate emergence and complexity. We wondered, what is it about coaching that supports this capacity?
When we dug into this question, we found that there are a few principles of emergence and complexity reflected in the types of coaching that were having a transformative impact across individuals, organizations, networks, and communities.

In this article, we draw from our interviews with leaders at East LA Community Corporation, Urban Justice Center, Prospera, and Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, who are all using coaching in different ways, to share more about these principles and how invaluable they are to building capacity to navigate complexity and emergence.

Click here to read more about emergent coaching in our article in the Nonprofit Quarterly Fall 2018 Edition.

Banner photo credit: Alison Lin

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