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Dear Change Elemental Community,

We are holding you all tenderly in our thoughts and sending positive energy during these heavy times. As many of us head into weekends (and weeks) of social distancing, we wanted to offer a moment to virtually be together. A moment to ground in yourself, in community (both near and far, known and unknown), in collective care, in love, dignity, and justice. 

At Change Elemental, we are slowing down in our being and in our doing. We are taking moments (and reminding each other) to breathe, drink water, and take care of ourselves. We are also slowing our work, recognizing that many of us and those around us are preparing to take care of children, elders, and loved ones. We will be continually assessing what work is essential to move forward. If you are in partnership with us currently, please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know if you need to slow something down.

There are so many lists of wonderful resources being shared. Here are just a few poems, songs, podcasts, articles, and art that have been shared with us this week (thanks to Latonya Slack and Social Transformation Project for sharing some of these with us). They are supporting us as we slow down to take care and replenish to continue the work of co-creating power for love, dignity, and justice.

It is inspiring to see so many community care listservs, google spreadsheets, and funds for hourly, low-wage workers, and artists sprouting up. We encourage you to find some community care options near you to give and/or receive the support you need. 

We are wishing you an abundance of healthy and slow moments over the coming days and weeks. We will be in them with you. 

With hope, love, and care, 

The Change Elemental Team

The image above is a community care table set up by the Network Weaver Learning Lab // Photo by Tracy Nguyen. 

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