Jen Willsea (she/her) is an Atlanta-based and western NY-raised white antiracist leader known for the deep well of experience and skill she has cultivated for the past twenty years. She is an antiracist facilitator, coach, and writer. Her work is informed by what she studies: Black feminisms, the gifts of the Southeastern U.S., (de)colonization, and somatic transformation. Jen partners with organizations and with white people in a process of unraveling allegiance to white supremacy and building the inner and collective strength necessary to stand for the freedom of Black people, Indigenous people, and all people of color on their own terms. Her practice is a devotion to walking this path herself and accompanying fellow white people in a way that affirms their worthiness while rejecting whiteness as a source of worthiness. Jen is co-founder and co-lead of these creative bodies of work: Liberatory Power Consulting Group, Decolonizing Whiteness, and, Reckoning with White Femininity and Anti-Blackness

Formerly Senior Associate at Interaction Institute for Social Change and Board Co-Chair at Resource Generation, Jen holds a B.A. in religion and anthropology from Mount Holyoke College and a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard University. She queer parents two small children on Mvskoke lands, sews clothing and quilts, and is learning how to rollerskate.