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Change Elemental accelerates flexible approaches to leadership that enable individuals, organizations, and networks to more fluidly and effectively respond to, and influence, shifting conditions over time.

Change Elemental partners with individuals, organizations, foundations, and networks to grow and nourish leadership at multiple levels. Together, we develop, evolve, and adapt the structures, systems, and practices that enable people to move in and out of leadership in order to advance their vision in a rapidly changing environment. We also support staff, boards, and governance partners in developing the competencies and capacities they need to increase agility and operate with depth and focus in the day-to-day, and in the long run. Critical to this process is deepening relationships rooted in trust.

Central to our approach is developing and deepening the interconnected practices of the elements that are critical to advancing transformative change. These practices include engaging the broader system; intentionally building relationships that embody equity; examining issues of diversity, equity, and power; embracing the many ways we make meaning of the world; and creating the space for the inner work that is needed to be in right relationship with one another.


  • Coach leaders and leadership teams in organizations, philanthropic institutions, and networks
  • Create peer coaching systems and practices
  • Grow the ability to share leadership more broadly, strengthen leadership teams, or develop high-performing boards
  • Transition leadership and change board, staff, or network leadership roles
  • Facilitate boards and governance teams to understand how they can add value, what composition they need, and what roles they can play
  • Address issues of power, privilege, equity, and other inter-group dynamics
  • Improve management and supervision with a focus on deep equity
  • Facilitate learning on network leadership, and the challenges of juggling both organizational and network roles
  • Build relationships as whole people, paying attention to hearts, minds, and actions

To learn more about our approach to coaching, see here.

“Change Elemental has been a critical partner in helping the leadership team at Jobs With Justice implement the vision, excitement, and opportunities of our merger. Through our work together, we quickly realized that we needed a position dedicated to the internal team building and coordination of our staff. Change Elemental provided support in developing this position, and supported the on-boarding process.”

Sarita Gupta, Jobs With Justice
Photo of Sarita Gupta, Jobs With Justice