Change Elemental embraces the growing complexity of today’s problems as an opportunity to collaborate and connect. In partnership with leaders, organizations, networks, and funders, we explore what is needed to spark transformative, equitable change. Together, we work to overcome habits and practices that hold us back and we craft creative, nimble, and authentic strategies for change. We ground our engagements in our values and the essential elements of deep change.
Natalie Bamdad and Elissa Sloan Perry facilitating, both seated in front of graphic recordings, speaking into microphones

Transformative Strategy

We work with our partners to develop strategic frameworks that provide a clear sense of direction, and to cultivate a culture of strategic thinking, learning, and adaptation within their organizations, foundations, and networks.

Photo of Elissa Sloan Perry facilitating

Deep Equity

We facilitate in-depth processes focused on equity, diversity, inclusion, and liberatory practice, with a focus on race and other forms of cultural difference. We work together to promote alignment, deepened skills, and pathways forward for equity in organizational and network cultures, structures, programming, operations, and leadership.

Photo of Mark Leach in a blue shirt writes on a whiteboard

Leading Change

We partner with organizations, foundations, and networks to develop and support individual and team leadership at multiple levels, to clarify roles and responsibilities, define or re-invent decision-making processes, and create equitable, inclusive environments that build and share power in ways that advance your mission.

Aja Couchis Dennis writing on a white board

Thriving Networks

We nurture emerging and evolving networks driven by changemakers across issues, movements, and sectors to find authentic ways of generating power greater than the sum of their parts.

Learning Projects

We design, facilitate, and participate in learning projects, communities of practice, and research engagements within organizations and across movements which center dialogue, analysis, experimentation, storytelling, and active learning.

“Over the last few years, Sheryl Petty has worked hand in hand with us as we have undertaken a top to bottom, board and staff, operational and programmatic shift to incorporate equity into who we are and how we work. She helped us identify the gaps in our understanding of and capacity for equity, helped fill those gaps with education, and worked with us to identify where and how to incorporate an equity lens in the organization. Sheryl pushed us when we needed pushing and supported and coached us. Susan Misra also helped us understand how best to incorporate equity into our operations. While we still have a long way to go, we would not be where we are but for the expertise and guiding force of Change Elemental.”

Nicky Goren, The Meyer Foundation
Picture of Nicky Goren, smiling at the camera, hair short, wearing a long gold necklace and purple top

Equity & Innovation Fund

Change Elemental’s Karl Mathiasen Equity & Innovation Fund is a philanthropic fund that subsidizes networks, organizations, and leaders that could not otherwise afford coaching and consulting engagements. It also seeds innovative programs that experiment with ways to advance change in unpredictable times.

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Co-create With Us

At Change Elemental, we believe changemakers can co-create what is needed to spark transformative, equitable change.

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