We envision a world where the planet and all who inhabit it experience love, dignity, and justice, and where resources and power are shared in ways that provide everyone the opportunity to realize their potential, live life fully, and contribute to the well-being of people and planet.


At Change Elemental, we see the growing complexity of today’s problems as a call to combine our energy and wisdom in ways that will catalyze lasting, transformative change, and uproot long-standing challenges to love, dignity, and justice.

This moment calls for effective connection and collaboration. This moment calls for inclusive and imaginative solutions for deep change.

At Change Elemental, we are collaborators and companions, conveners and practitioners, co-conspirators and healers, committed to authentic partnerships with our clients, partners and peers.  Together, we connect across divides and overcome habits, conditions, and mindsets that hold us back. Together, we reimagine and re-make systems to ensure the well-being of all—our organizations, our movements, our world.

At Change Elemental, we are living into the possibility of the world we are trying to create. 

We are continually working to more deeply align ourselves with our core values in ways that challenge and advance our own relationships and approach. By embodying and practicing our values and the elements of deep change together, we can, and must simultaneously live in and create organizations, movements, and a world of love, dignity, and justice.

Together, we can create change exponentially more powerful and equitable than what any of us can spark alone.


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Love, Dignity, and Justice

Our purpose is rooted in this value. We are guided by it in our individual and collective ways of being and doing. It defines both our journey and our destination—we are co-creating power for love, dignity, and justice.


We meet our partners where they are, and seek to understand the multiple points of view guiding our work together. We consider the whole person—all of the aspects of one’s life that have come together to arrive at this moment.


We ground our work in deep experience, inquiry, and analysis, while embracing risk-taking and experimentation in complex environments with no clear path. We test what does and does not work, making mistakes and learning from them. We learn alongside and with our clients and partners.


We challenge ourselves and others to continually and deeply align with purpose and values. We hold ourselves accountable to the same level of introspection, risk-taking, and generosity we ask of them. In doing so, our own approach is both rooted and ever-changing.

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“We believe that today’s challenges require us to combine our energy and wisdom. We co-create with individuals, organizations, and movements who are leading us towards a world of love, dignity, and justice—and we have a lot of fun while doing it!”

Rajiv Khanna, Former Change Elemental Governance Team
Zulayka Santiago wears a blue, red, and white checkered shirt and has a short beard, smiling at the camera

Co-create With Us

Together we can combine the elements of transformative change to fundamentally remake our world into one of love, dignity, and justice.

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