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Today’s challenges require us to combine our energy, wisdom, and resources for a just world.

When you contribute to Change Elemental, you are joining our team and partners in freeing, combining, and catalyzing the necessary elements of deep change to realize a world of love, dignity, and justice.

Contributions to Change Elemental support the Karl Mathiasen Equity & Innovation Fund. We launched the fund in 1995 to honor our co-founder, Karl Mathiasen, and to ensure his commitment to innovation, catalytic transformation, and social justice would be felt for generations to come.

This philanthropic fund subsidizes networks, organizations, and leaders that could not otherwise afford coaching and consulting engagements. For example, Change Elemental (then Management Assistance Group (MAG)) recently supported the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE) to begin an organization-wide conversation about integrating a racial equity lens more deeply into their economic justice work.

The fund also seeds innovative programs that experiment with ways to advance change in unpredictable times. These programs center active learning among people and organizations who are committed to transforming inequitable systems and creating powerful vehicles for love, dignity, and justice. Participants co-create each project’s priorities and themes, which focus on deepening understanding and practices in relation to the elements needed to create a thriving justice ecosystem. The programs enable us to connect imaginative organizations and movements to spark creative solutions for a better world.

Together, we are igniting change exponentially more powerful and equitable than what any of us can spark alone. Join us.


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All donations are tax-deductible.

Previous Recipients of the Karl Mathiasen Equity & Innovation Fund

“Because of our work with Change Elemental…we are better at looking for ways to address the tricky dynamics of race and structural racism in our efforts to bring economic justice to the communities we serve. Thank you!”

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE)
Person speaks at a podium at a "raise the wage" protest