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Medicine deck cover

Launched in 2017, the Network Weaver Learning Lab was an 18-month program created through a partnership between Change Elemental (then Management Assistance Group (MAG)) and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. The lab’s art brigade offers this medicine deck and its companion healing cookbook to the field to nourish, heal, and strengthen social justice practitioners and networks.

The medicine card deck is arranged into five suits: invocationsprinciplesingredientsrecipes, & wild card.

These cards are designed to invoke the senses as well as the intellect, through visual representation, inquiry, and invitations to practice physical movement; they challenge the user to engage in the world differently. They can be shuffled, cut, arranged, and drawn in any manner that supports your practice in healing, shifting, and transforming our world. They include practices that can lead toward the shifting of individual habits, examination of systemic inequity, and practices of collective liberation.