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Resourcing Networks for Equitable Systems Change: Perspectives from Funders, Intermediaries, Individuals, and Organizations

These resources lift up the practices, mindsets, and ways of being needed to resource networks for equity and systems change. The learnings were co-created with a group of network practitioners and funders living across the country. This group came together in 2019 for two and half days in Philadelphia to explore the following questions: 

  1. How have funders and other organizations worked together in networks that promote equity and systems change?
  2. What are the barriers to resourcing networks for equitable systems change and what would it take to shift those barriers?
  3. What is the personal work and way of being needed to fully engage in networks, equity, and systems change?

The learning happened in real-time as we shared our experiences in relation to these questions as we practiced being in a network with each other. Throughout the report below, we provide an overview of the ways in which the convening was set up to create the conditions for network building. We also share learnings for network practitioners and funders about how to lead with equity and navigate power differentials within networks including how funders operate in networks; the different forms and shapes networks might take; capacity, impact, and infrastructure needs in networks; and ways of being needed to build, resource, and support networks. This report was created with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.