PG Watkins (they/them) is a facilitator, coach, and trainer from Detroit – now living in Norfolk, VA. They work with/in organizations and groups to support them in moving towards change, ease, and freedom by asking big questions, holding space for challenging contradictions, and nurturing the learning & unlearning that is needed for our individual and collective transformation. Shaped by their experience organizing in Detroit and national movements, PG holds sacred their work as a spiritualist, dreamer and space holder. They are a Black American spiritualist and initiated Ifa and Obatala priest-in-training who invokes Spirit in the many ways that it can be known (nature, God, ancestors, orisha, intuition) to clarify the connection between our current circumstances and our purpose/destiny.  

PG prioritizes working with individuals, organizations, and groups who are willing to struggle together to move toward growth and transformation with grace, curiosity, and openness. They believe that exploring our internal landscapes, narratives, and beliefs helps us to make sense of how we move through the world, how we experience our work, and how we navigate relationships with other people and groups. They use their gifts professionally through their coaching and consulting practice, as a Regional Organizer and teacher with Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity (BOLD), on the training teams for Training for Change and BlackOUT Collective, and as an Advisor/Board Member for Black Bottom Archives & Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund.