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Table for Two: Can Founders & Successors Co-Exist So Everyone Wins? cover

For most organizations, when a founder steps down as CEO, he or she should leave the organization to not undermine the new leader’s authority. However, MAG recognized that there may be missed opportunities there. For Table for Two: Can Founders and Successors Co-Exist So Everyone Wins?, Mark Leach conducted a study of organizations where the founders stayed on under new leadership to learn the factors that foster success for such a unique and challenging transition.

Table for Two provides:

  • A new, innovative model for leadership transitions
  • A broader range of options for the founder’s continuing role and contributions
  • Insights into the personal and organizational factors needed for success in such transitions
  • An integrated approach to weighing and managing the risks and benefits if the founder stays on
  • Challenges, coping strategies, and recommendations for founders, successors, boards of directors, and staff
  • Recommendation for funders who wish to support this kind of transition