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The Northstar Network was a home for long-term power-building (personal, organizational, and movement) grounded in analytical rigor and inspired by radical hope for a feminist, multi-racial democracy. Coming together in the midst of climate, democratic, and economic crises, the network provided a critical space for social justice leaders to refresh their analysis and rethink strategies. Leaders built cross-movement relationships rooted in shared analysis, values, and a collective vision.

NorthStar Network members at an October 2019 gathering

The network supported their ability to make meaning of the scale of challenges we faced. We addressed the root of the most pressing challenges and issues, experimented with and co-created approaches, and strategized and practiced toward a world where all people and the planet can thrive. The Northstar Network was facilitated by the Social Transformation Project, a movement-building organization that sunset in July 2022. 

Sharing Our Analysis: The Long-Term Building Power Analysis Booklet

The Long-Term Building Power Analysis booklet (downloadable by link or flip through below!) was created based on a series of conversations, inquiries, and virtual meetings during the first two years of the COVID pandemic (2020-2021). The resulting power analysis was a project of the Northstar Network, a group of leaders who were making meaning of the current political moments and syndemic. 

Booklet Co-Creators

Special thanks to Lisa VeneKlasen, Tarso Luis-Ramos, Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, Lauren Jacobs, Alison Lin, and Jodie Tonita for contributing to content and synthesis, and crafting images with our collaborating artist, Tracy Nyguen. The booklet greatly benefited from editors Lisa VeneKlasen, Annie Holmes, and her design team at Pemba Productions. Catherine Madden designed the Northstar Network Logo.

Please freely share this booklet and its information with your communities and colleagues with attribution to the Northstar Network.

Graphic Recording Credit: Tracy Nyguen