Damon Azali-Rojas is an experiment of the Orisas (divinities of the Ifá spiritual tradition of the Yoruba people). They decided to splice spiritual, cultural, and political DNA from the African Diaspora and conjure this Black man in the occupied Tongva/Gabrieleño/Kizh Land known as South Central Los Angeles. And thus as a settler on Indigenous Land he sees that some of his main work in this incarnation is to address the generational harms against Indigenous people while also holding tight to the self-determination of Black folks. 

The main form that this takes is his work as co-founder and co-director of Coaching for Healing, Justice, and Liberation which is a healing-centered coach-training school that supports the up-leveling of movement leaders to fully embody their power and lead their communities and organizations to be vision-lead and ancestor-guided.

Damon comes to this as a trained community organizer, an Ifá priest, a prison abolitionist, a parent of a neuro-divergent child, a coach, a coach trainer, and a surfer.